Your Guide to Moving Sheds & Portable Buildings in Florida

It’s inconvenient to move a shed or portable building, but it’s definitely possible. Provided your shed is in decent shape, our experienced movers can relocate it. It’s quicker and easier than taking the shed apart and reassembling it at the new site. If you’re not moving it far, it’s also less expensive than purchasing a new shed. Before you can move your shed, you need to empty it and provide sufficient structural support.

Support the Structure of Your Shed

Before you move your shed, you want to inspect it to ensure it’s structurally sound. You’ll want to remove or cover the windows and reinforce any weak points. To support the structure of the shed, we recommend attaching a board from one corner stud diagonally to another. When you’re finished, the boards will make an X shape, which will support your shed during transport.

Place shed on the Trailer

You need to jack up the shed before you can move it. You’ll have to dig underneath the four corners of your portable building to make room for the jack. Once the shed is level with the trailer, you can carefully move the shed onto the trailer. Of course, this is all better left to our professional movers, because sheds are too heavy to move without equipment.

It’s important to center the shed on the trailer. You also want to secure the shed to the trailer even if you’re only moving it across the yard. A bumpy ride could knock the trailer off and damage it beyond repair. You’ll have to fasten the shed more securely if you drive it on the streets or highways. You may also want to cover the roof of your shed with a tarp to prevent shingles from flying off if you’re using the highway.

How to Prepare for the Move

Before you can move your shed, you need to empty it. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this, because it will take longer than you think. If you’ve had the shed for a while, you may find a lot of things you didn’t know you had. Many people use their sheds to store lawn equipment, gardening supplies, tools, and home improvement projects. You may even have old containers of paint. It may take a weekend or two to empty your shed and move, sell, donate, or throw away the items inside of it.

Before you empty the shed, think about where you want to move it to. You don’t want to put the items from your shed in the trailer’s path. If your property is mostly sand, you may need to lay some bricks for the trailer. Alternatively, you might need a crane to relocate the shed or move the shed onto a trailer.  

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Mover

Sheds and portable buildings are not light. While you may have built the shed yourself, the finished building is too heavy for people to move. That’s why you need a professional mover to do it for you. Unless you already have a trailer or a crane and jacks to lift the shed, you’d have to rent or buy equipment. It’s also not as simple as moving the shed to another location. You want to make sure the new surface is level and ready, and you need to protect the structure of your shed.

Cost Considerations for Moving a Shed

If you’re moving your shed from one end to your property to another, it shouldn’t be that costly to move it. Of course, you’ll need a mover with a trailer to get the job done, but we can probably do it in less than one day. If you plan to move your shed to the other side of town, you may incur some additional costs. It will take more time and may also require an escort if the trailer is very large.

Hire Us to Move Your Shed or Portable Building

At Statewide, we specialize in moving sheds and portable buildings. We have the experience and the equipment to move your building safely and securely to its new location. It starts with ensuring the stability of your shed, but it also includes securing the shed on the trailer and safely depositing the shed at the new location. Call us today for a quote.